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Hi, welcome to PlumbGoods.  My husband Ken Pace & I have remodeled and restored homes over the years and we have always had a particular focus on creating an atmosphere of comfort. Homes are to be lived in and enjoyed. A big part of that is bringing creativity into your home.

Launching PlumbGoods has been a dream of mine for a long time. I’ve always loved home décor - drawn to colorful accessories that balance playfulness, comfort & style. My brand is created to bring a smile, which is why we say PlumbGoods, happiness included.

Thank you + enjoy,

Eve Plumb

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i just received your winter candle and my wife loved it! I was going to give it to her for Valentine’s day but i couldn’t wait. She put it in our living room on the coffee table and it smells sooo good! i told her it came from your collection and she wants me to order the spring, summer, and fall ones. You have a new fan.


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